Top prominent parties demand a separate state for Jammu, find out why?

After abrogation of Article-370 in Jammu and Kashmir, once again Jammu has become topic of discussion as top political parties have now come together to seek separate statehood for Jammu territory.

Main objective behind political groups, social organisation and people of jammu region are now demanding a split of Jammu from Kashmir, due to “Demography” of Jammu region.

Here are the key highlights :

• Hindus constitute about 70% population of the Jammu region, and approximately 25% of Muslim community.

• However, in two districts – Poonch and Banihal – Muslims are in the majority.

• In Doda region, comprising Doda and Kishtwar, the population of the two communities is almost equal.

Ispo facto, Kashmir has 98% Muslims while Hindu almost 1.84%, on the other hand, Jammu has 65.23% and Muslim’s 25%. You can guess from these figures that Kashmir political parties has dominance on Jammu due to high population of kashmir as compare to Jammu.

Moreover, Several political leaders J&K National Panthers party(JKNPP) chairman and former minister Harsh Dev Singh including former BJP leader Chaudhary Lal Singh and made his own party DSSP and joined hands to strengthen the Jammu.

“The ultimate goal of the DSSP is to get the separate state of Jammu which is the only solution to the problem of the people of Jammu. DSSP will fight for it till its last breath and time has come to show the strength for the separate Statehood,” Lal Singh tweeted.

although demand of separate Statehood running since the demolition of special status of Jammu Kashmir, but so far no solution has been found.

de facto, After the State of Jammu and Kashmir was bifurcated into the union territories of J&K, and Ladakh, some sections of the people of Jammu feel that this decision downgraded Jammu, and has given more powers and importance to Kashmir.

Though there has been an uproar on social media for past few days and aired trifurcation of J&K, with Ladakh, and Kashmir as UTs; and Jammu a separate state.

Also, since the announcement of the “Gupkar alliance” by prominent leaders of Kashmir, due to which the demand for separate state for Jammu has increased more than ever.

According to alliance, Gupkar leaders demand a Article-370, 35A but Jammu political parties said that we won’t part of this decision, because Jammu supports the repealed of special status of J&K.
Amidst the dissidence, a section of Jammu Hindus have always nursed a feeling for separate statehood to get out of the Kashmiri hegemony. Reversal to J&K statehood will not be to Jammu’s liking because of majority-minority syndrome.

If Jammu succeeds in becoming a separate state then hers’s the vision ahead for Jammu :

• United voice of separatism will be weakened.

• End of militancy, since the disturbed areas of Kashmir, will be detached and centrally administered.

• meets demand of displaced pandits as protected homeland.

• Tourism will flourish, once militancy is curbed.

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