Republic TV CEO arrested in TRP Scam

Today Republic Bharat TV CEO Vikas Khanchandani has been arrested by Mumbai Police in Fake TRP Scam , the 13th arrests in case so far.

On October 8, the Mumbai Police had filed a first complain and started interrogation against Republic TV fake scammers. This news came to everyone’s attention when official of Hansa Research, an agency that placed the ratings metre, filed a complaint for being manipulated TRP by Nitin Deokar.

Though, the channel had continuously said the accusations were made by police was totally fake, whereas it’s a cohesive link between Mumbai Police and actor Sushant Singh Rajput Murder case.

Earlier, Supreme Court dropout the plea from ARG Outlier Media private Limited, who owns the Republic TV network, were seeking security for the group and their employees.

Subsequently, it took less than a week to arrest Republic TV executive officer.

According to the Justice DY Chandrachud asserting that “This petition is ambitious in nature. you want Maharashtra Police not to arrest any employees and transfer the cases to CBI. you better withdraw this.”
Also condemned the Mumbai Police of “HOUNDING” the media house and forcefully arrested it’s editor-in-chief and employees.

The way Maharashtra Police scrambles with the Arnab Goswami was totally inappropriate and transgression of the human rights.

Moreover, Ghanshyam Singh, the channel’s head of distribution was also named in the 1400-page charge-sheet. the court will look in this matter in upcoming times.

The channel had become sensational when two officials of Re-public TV resigned from office due to which people questions was bound to arise.

Republic TV asserts to have high ratings but after interrogation about this matter, Mumbai Police said that rating was fake and has been made through bribing the households where the monitoring machines were set.

According to police officials, people were told to keep their channels open and then you get Rs 400 to Rs 500 per month.
Apart from this, there are 140 witnesses, including forensic auditors and members of BARC or Broadcast Audience Research council which measures TRP.

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