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Reality behind Shivraj Singh Chouhan 2.0 version

Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan sudden change his nature and modernate image converts into hardline hindustva implies forcefully implemented conversion law in state. His way of communicating has been changed in public speaking and press conferences. Also, Chauhan’s governing style and his persona totally changed after his fourth term in office.

Further, in view of new version of Chouhan, Bhartiya Janata Party leaders and political observers say is a deliberate move — a survival tactic in the face of other influential figures in the party such as Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kailash Vijayvargiya

At a public meeting on 26 December at Babai in Hoshangabad district, Chouhan’s new tone was directed at the land mafia. “Sun lo re… Madhya Pradesh chhod dena, nahin toh zameen mein gaad dunga 10 foot (Mark my words, leave Madhya Pradesh or I will bury you 10 feet under),” he said.

That was the same day, when Madhya Pradesh cabinet gave permission to enact anti conversion law after Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh government issued the same ordinance.

According to the senior congress leader statement, “Just like Modi, Shivraj Singh Chouhan is also a brand, albeit to a different degree. Unlike the past 15 years, when he called the shots, this time, he has to take collective decisions as Scindia, (state Home Minister) Narottam Mishra and Kailash Vijayvargiya have to be kept in good humour.”

The leader further added,”The burden of this has started appearing in his mannerisms. He is known as a soft-spoken, conscientious politician. But he is trying to show his party that he can shed the image of the moderate and become a hardcore Hindutva leader if need be.”

Although, question has been arisen by few political leaders that What has impacted Chouhan’s behaviour?

Meanwhile, a senior BJP leader said, “There is a nature of every mandate, which gets reflected in the action of the leader. In the case of Shivraj Chouhan, despite being in power for 15 years, he was unable to get a clear mandate (the Congress formed the government after winning five more seats than the BJP). This is something that not only stays in the minds of the people, but Shivraj too. He knows he is the CM today because of Scindia (defecting from the Congress and toppling Kamal Nath’s government). This is what is impacting his behaviour; he can’t run away from it.”

The leader also mentioned Bihar’s Chief minister Nitish Kumar and said that ““Both Nitish Kumar and Shivraj Singh Chouhan are passing through a new phase in politics. Kumar is leading a front where his party is in the minority but he is the CM. He will always try to prove himself and justify his chief ministership.”

According to the Rahul Verma, political scientist and fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, highlights three reasons why Chauhan way of tone changed ?

  • Shivraj Chouhan does not enjoy the same mandate he had in previous terms, and hence, there is a sense of unease and insecurity. This only got aggravated when in 2020 he was no longer the main contender as rumour mills were abuzz that Scindia and Kailash Vijayvargiya were also being considered (for chief ministership),” Verma said. “So, despite being a three-time CM and a popular leader, Chouhan now seems to be displaying an aggressive Hindutva stance to please the core of the BJP and the RSS. It seems that he believes that if the core is happy, his CMship is safe.”
  • Chouhan, who was once in the race for being the PM before Narendra Modi’s name was announced, is now in a situation where even his CM chair is not safe,” he said.
  • “Though it is far-fetched, some people believe that the change in his behaviour may have been prompted by his desire to still be considered for the PM race in the post-Modi era. However, the most important aspect for me is that politicians often behave like normal human beings. They do sulk when they are unhappy. Chouhan thinks that despite his governance record, voters did not reward him in 2018,” Verma added.

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