Long live the CPM’s new resolution on the anniversary of the working canteen.

‘Long live the revolution.’ This slogan of the CPM is very well known. This time the CPM is talking about making the working canteen ‘long-lived’. Saturday marks the first anniversary of the CPM‘s labor canteen in Jadavpur. The CPM has started thinking about whether the working canteen can be made permanent on the day of the anniversary of the canteen which started in the lockdown situation in Corona. last year the lockdown started after the corona epidemic, the way of earning of the poor and working people was cut off. Then the idea of ​​starting a free canteen for day-to-day food started at the initiative of the CPM leadership in Jadavpur. At the initiative of the local CPM leadership, work was started to build a temporary kitchen at Vijaygarh in Jadavpur assembly constituency and feed the unemployed workers. The CPM leadership claims that the canteen of CPM students and youths are running this. Saturday is the first anniversary of that canteen.

The first day the canteen opened, 150 meals were arranged. But in the lockdown the situation reached such a level that at one time 1500 people were cooking was arrange. Entrepreneurs did not close the canteen even after the lockdown. But on the day of the anniversary, the CPM leadership has started thinking about whether the canteen can be made permanent or not. Sudip Sengupta, a member of the Kolkata district committee, said, “At first, our aim was to provide rice to the poor people who worked in a kitchen in Vijaygarh.” But we had to make a big canteen because that demand increased in the lockdown. But our goal today is to make this canteen permanent. We will continue this canteen permanently unless there is any political or administrative pressure in the coming days.”

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