BJP camp in good spirits after polls in Nandigram, Trinamool drowning.

Bengal Election 2021: Mamata Banerjee vs. Shuvendu Adhikari duo is over. This time waiting for the results to be announced. Now there is a lot of speculation about who is heavier in the fight. In the meantime, a different picture has emerged in the two war camps. On Friday, while checking the situation of the two camps, the pictures of the two camps in Nandigram were captured by Anandabazar Digital. In the last few days, Chief Minister Mamata had set up a temporary dormitory near the bus stand of Reyapara Shiva Mandir where she met some people from bjp. One of them was Durgashankar Giri, former president of the CPM-run Nandigram No. 2 Panchayat Samiti. Leaving the left camp, he is now the commander of ‘Ram’. Durgashankar said, “All accounting is over. Dada (Shuvendu Adhikari) is winning this election in Nandigram.

In support of his statement, he argued that during the golden age of the Left in the state, the Left was ahead of the opposition in Nandigram Block No. 2 by about 14,000 votes. Now all those left voters have gone to Padma Shibir. He claimed that although the Trinamool had done well in the last few elections in this area, it was just a gamble. Durga Shankar claimed that Shuvendu would snatch victory from 8 gram panchayats of Nandigram No. 2 block by a margin of five points in the way the election was held peacefully this time. He also claimed that the voters of Vekutia, Haripur, Sonachura, Gokulnagar and Nandigram out of 10 panchayats in Nandigram No. 1 block have strengthened the hand of bjp. The BJP is hopeful that the grassroots in the remaining five panchayats – Kalicharanpur, Kendamari Jalpai, Daudpur, Mohammadpur and Samsabad – will win by a margin of at least four from this block, even if the gap widens slightly. Therefore, the BJP is not interested in a new rift after the polls are over.

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