Modi is New GOD for INDIA-Exemplary COVID-19 Fight by India

New Delhi: Narendra Modi has demonstrated exemplary administrative acumen in handling CORONA-19 outbreak in India.Till now, India is holding itself in STAGE-II and delaying entry into STAGE-III.

Help Desk India – CORONA-19

Narendra Modi government has fought against CORONA very well and the epidemic has been very much in control and stays within STAGE-II. He has been able to take whole of india as one in fight against CORONA VIRUS through timely Junta Curfew and 21 Days Total Lockdown.

India-Covid-19 Spread Bar Chart

India Fighting COVID-19 effectively

But as usual anti Narendra Modi and anti BJP forces are out to destroy all the gains achieved by India till now.It is very unfortunate that this bogey is being led by and instigated by Congress and Rahul Gandhi who are busy in flaring up EXODUS and migration of daily wagers and poor and destroying the herculean efforts put up by Narendra Modi government so for through #Lockdown and #StayHome campaigns.

While whole of India is staying indoors, a section of media, supported by Congress and Rahul Gandhi are busy interviewing poor daily wagers and workers on the road making #MOJO stories out of them and undermining the entire fight against CORONA-19 put up by the entire nation.They are instigating daily wagers and forcing state governments/ ministers to take decisions which may undermine the entire CORONA Battle put up by India. These are the very people who wanted trains and buses to stop. Now that LOCKDOWN is in place, they are now wanting to have buses and trains. They will flare up CORONA spread and blame Narendra Modi government.

Barkha Dutt – Interviewing Migrant Labour DELHI

This is huge disservice to the nation Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Anti BJP and anti Narendra Modi is once again becoming Anti India.

India will fight & WIN

These are the people who fail every effort of Narendra Modi , be it linking of Aadhar with Jan Dhan Accounts/ Phone Numbers, #CAA or #NPR. In trying to fail Narendra Modi they end of failing themselves & INDIA pays the price.

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